Serving at Majestic!

There are so many amazing areas to get involved in at Majestic! Each week many of us gather together to help make it all happen and we would love you to be a part of it. Check out the areas below to see where you could become All In at Majestic. 

Simply fill in the below form to let us know your interested!

Music Team
Using your passion and talents for singing or musical instruments at our Tuesday team nights at 7pm. Then once confident with our sound and skill level, progressing to serving at our services. 


Service Team
Joining our Majestic Sunday services in one of the many roles we have to help set up the space and create a warm, welcoming and friendly environment


Kids Under 10’s
Each Sunday our amazing kids head out to have fun, learn and grow with our amazing kids leaders. Join them in creating a safe and exciting environment full of love and support.


Tech Team
Using your skills to ensure the sound, data and lights at each service is running smoothly and productively.


Design & Visual Team
Our design and visual team produce communication and creative content for social media, print, videos and web. If you are skilled in this area and want to be part of a team, we’d love to hear from you!

Youth & Young Adults (ages 10-29)
Setting up the next generations to be strong, positive and amazing members of our community. Giving your time and energy to help out at our events to create amazing spaces where this age group feel they belong.

Let us know your interested by filling in the below form!

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